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Fast food restaurant chain “In-N-Out Burger” gets shut down after defying San Francisco vaccine rules

Fast food restaurant chain "In-N-Out Burger" gets shut down after defying San Francisco vaccine rules

Fast food restaurant chain “In-N-Out Burger” gets shut down after defying San Francisco vaccine rules.

Arnie Wensinger, Chief Legal and Business Officer of In-N-Out Burger, is expected to issue a comment following the closure of  In-N-Out Burger restaurant by the San Francisco Department of Health. “Our eatery was shuttered by the San Francisco Department of Health today” he stated.

According to Wensinger’s statement, employees at In-N-Out Burger were reportedly “not blocking the admission of clients who were not carrying valid vaccination documentation.”

The SFDH has sought to mandate In-N-Out Burger staff to act as health police and enforcement officials for the city, in addition to the iconic California institution’s site “fully and clearly” posting signage to convey local vaccination requirements. “After our restaurant closed, local officials instructed us that our restaurant associates must actively engage by requesting evidence of vaccination and picture identification from every customer barring any form of entry for any customer without valid documents,” he says.

Wensigner went on to say in the statement that they are dedicated to providing the greatest quality of customer service and making everyone feel welcome.


In-Out-N Burger shut down

In-N-Out Burger management and employees are not the only ones being stubborn. Employees, companies, unions, public employees, and even governors around the country are voicing their opposition to the mandate, which Arnie Wensinger characterizes as a “government mandate that requires a private firm to discriminate against consumers who want to patronize their business.”

Vaccine saves lives

Being adamant as they are, according to a new study published in the journal Health Affairs, the early COVID-19 vaccination program in the United States prevented over 140,000 deaths in the second week of May 2021. It also has the potential to avert almost 3 million cases of the illness.

A group of researchers from RAND and Indiana University developed models to predict how many fatalities would have happened without vaccines to investigate the relationship between vaccination rates and COVID-19 mortality.


The study’s primary author, Sumedha Gupta, an economist at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, said she and her colleagues calculated the COVID-19 diseases and mortality reductions through a “natural experiment.”

Anti-vaxxers promoted a study claiming the COVID-19 vaccine causes heart inflammation, but the study has been withdrawn due to mathematical errors

Low vaccination rates, according to Gupta, are a serious issue since COVID-19 spikes and variations are still a threat. She stated that it is of “utmost significance” for experts to spread the information about how state vaccination efforts have helped the people to manage the pandemic.

Washington State head coach sought religious exemption for vaccination mandate, denied and fired

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