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Anti-mask attackers beat up Eugene store owner for enforcing the mask rule, see what happens next

Anti-mask attackers beat up Eugene store owner for enforcing the mask rule.

Anti-mask attackers beat up Eugene store owner for enforcing the mask rule. On Wednesday, police said the owner of Eugene cookie shop was beaten while enforcing the mask rule.

A man and woman entered into Crumb Together on Oak Street at 11 a.m., refusing to wear a mask, according to police. Ricki Collin, 34, and Amy Hall, 45, both of Portland, were arrested and brought to the Lane County Jail following the incident, according to police.

Meanwhile, the shop owner was sent to the hospital with wounds and bruises. On Wednesday, the individual who was engaged in the event videotaped it and broadcast it live on YouTube. The man walks up to Crumb Together and says he’s heard the proprietor is chasing people out with a baseball bat.

In the video, the two are seen entering the cookie shop, with the proprietor telling them they can’t go in because they aren’t wearing masks. When the guy insists that businesses must serve the public, the owner begs them to leave many times.


The owner of the business can be seen attempting to direct them to the door. The owner is shoved by the lady, who then walks behind the counter to get a baseball bat, but the man and woman refuse to leave. The store owner can be seen grabbing the bat in the footage, which sets up a physical altercation between the three of them.

Collin and Hall, who assaulted the store owner for enforcing the mask rule, waved down policemen who happened to be nearby after the attack and gave them the footage of the event to watch. Officers arrested them both for third-degree assault shortly after that. Collin was also charged with robbery in the third degree after allegedly fleeing with the bat.

The store owner described how they posted posters about their mask requirement back in August. It stated: “Masks are once again essential due to the unvaccinated. Thank you very much for your help!” Deirdre Steirpe, the owner, claimed at the time that she’d had it with those who refused to be vaccinated.

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“I was enraged and furious. You know, this has had a significant impact on our business, and as a business owner, I value freedom of expression “Steirpe stated.

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