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Anti-vaccine groups’ bogus claim: ‘detox the vax’ bath will undo COVID vaccination for those already vaccinated.

Anti-vaccine groups' bogus claim: 'detox the vax' bath will undo COVID vaccination for those already vaccinated.

Anti-vaccine groups’ bogus claim: ‘detox the vax’ bath will undo COVID vaccination for those already vaccinated.

Anti-vaccine groups have been trading in pseudoscience therapies to remove or counteract vaccinations as requirements have grown. It’s like attempting to “unring a bell,” according to experts. Dr. Carrie Madej described the ingredients for a bath that she claims will “detox the vaxx” for persons who have complied with COVID-19 vaccination regulations in a TikTok video that has received hundreds of thousands of views.

The substances in the bath are essentially harmless, while the stated health advantages are completely false. She erroneously claims that baking soda and epsom salts would give a “radiation detox” to eliminate radiation that Madej says is triggered by the inoculation.She claims that bentonite clay will add a “significant draw of poison,” based on the false belief among anti-vaccine activists that poisons may be eliminated from the body through specific therapies.

Then, to “remove nanotechnology from you,” she suggests adding one cup of borax, a cleaning product that has been prohibited as a food ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). In truth, a borax “detox bath” will not eliminate the effects of the COVID vaccination from your body, in addition to being possibly dangerous as a skin and eye irritant.


The video is one of the approaches anti-vaccine celebrities and social media groups have offered to their many followers who have succumbed to the Covid injection in recent weeks.

Message boards are now cluttered with individuals who have succumbed to societal pressure or job demands by being vaccinated against the coronavirus. “The life-saving vaccine procedure has already begun after you’ve been injected. A bell cannot be unringed. It’s simply not conceivable, on a physical level ” according to a virologist and adjunct professor Angela Rasmussen of the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

For years, anti-vaccine activists have reliedanti-vaccine activists have relied on detox cures and regimens. Anti-vaccine advocates and alternative medicine entrepreneurs pushed untested and often harmful remedies that they claimed would cure children of the purported toxins that persisted after standard childhood vaccines long before Covid.

Parents persuaded that these unproven remedies are reducing the agony caused by heavy metal toxicity from vaccinations have exposed their children, many of whom have autism, to them. Restricted diets, vitamins, chelation, and hyperbaric chambers, as well as more risky home cures, have all been used.

Some anti-vaccine groups are now advising people who have been vaccinated to use cupping therapy (an ancient form of alternative medicine that involves creating suction on the skin) to speed up the “removal of the vax content,” which includes making small incisions on the injection site with a razor. Other memes teach people on how to use syringes to “un-inject” injections.

Both procedures are potentially harmful and don’t eliminate the vaccination once it’s been given, according to Rasmussen. “The mRNA vaccination transaction procedure is quite speedy. In other words, by the time you step out of your automobile, the magic has already happened,” she said.

Anti-vaxxers promoted a study claiming the COVID-19 vaccine causes heart inflammation, but the study has been withdrawn due to mathematical errors

Madej’s definition of “nanotechnologies” is unclear, but she incorrectly stated in a podcast called “Reawaken America” that coronavirus vaccinations contain a “liquified computer system.” Vaccines, she claims, are a “gateway to transhumanism.” Politifact has given her a “Pants on Fire” rating for her theories, which have been widely fact-checked as false.

While Rasmussen is concerned that people are experimenting with chemical baths, she feels it is an indication that vaccination requirements are generally functioning and anti-vaxxers are adapting to a new reality.

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  1. Ken Shabby

    This is a brilliant strategy. It’s of course a scam pure and simple but this should be part of any future vaccine rollout. Shadowy groups tell you to take the vaccine and NOT TO WORRY, it’s effects can be neutralized with a special lavender jalapeno douche. Your eyes will water for hours (or days) but it’s all part of excreting the vaccine toxins. You can have a vaccine passport with the full confidence that the vaccine was rendered harmless. Don’t tell anyone!!! It’ supper hush hush!!

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