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Health personnel caught trying to use fake arm for covid jab

Health personnel caught trying to use fake arm for covid jab.

Health personnel caught trying to use fake arm for covid jab. Officials claim an Italian man who wanted a Covid vaccination certificate but didn’t want to get the vaccine showed up for his immunization with a fake arm.

The man, in his fifties, arrived for his shoot with a silicone mold covering his genuine arm in the hopes of going undiscovered. A nurse, on the other hand was not fooled, and the man has now been reported to the police. When the nurse pulled up his sleeve, she discovered the skin was “rubbery and chilly” and the colour was “too light,” according to local media.

According to la Repubblica, following his discovery, the man attempted to urge the nurse to turn a blind eye. Instead, she filed a fraud complaint against him with the police.

Local police in Biella, north-west Italy, are investigating the event and local leaders have criticized the man’s behavior. “If it weren’t for the fact that we’re talking about a gesture of immense significance, the case would be laughable,” Albert Cirio, the leader of the Piedmont regional government, said in a post on Facebook.


He called the ruse “unacceptable” in light of the “unacceptable sacrifice” made by our whole community during the coronavirus pandemic in terms of human lives, social and economic costs.

According to reports, the individual was a health personnel who had been fired because he had not been vaccinated. In Italy, all health personnel are required to receive the vaccine. The event, according to La Repubblica, may not have been a one-off, citing a statement on social media that the man may have authored.

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A silicone male chest half-body costume, complete with artificial limbs and neck was for sale on Amazon for £416, according to the paper’s Twitter tweet. “Will people notice if I go with this? I’ll probably put on some additional garments below the silicone to keep the needle from reaching my real arm,”the Twitter user added.

The event occurs as Italy tightens vaccination requirements for people who have not been vaccinated. Italians have needed a Covid “green pass” to enter railway stations, theatres, restaurants, gyms and swimming pools since August, demonstrating proof of vaccination, a negative test or recovery from the virus.

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However, starting Monday, these activities will only be allowed to people who hold a “super green pass,” which is only available to those who have been vaccinated or who have just recovered from Covid.

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