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About Us

Certified Intel is a knowledge-based information and skill acquisition source that brings creativity to abstract concepts, driven by brilliant minds to provide solutions to academia and other life problems.

Certified Intel focuses on news, research, teaching; simplifying concepts in layman’s terms, updating knowledge and creating awareness, delivering quality information, and how-to-solve life problems. It will expose you to various skills and teach you “how to” harness such skills in research and in your quest to find a solution to a problem at hand.

Certified IntelĀ  also provides articles on happenings around the world.

Content for Certified Intel is provided by Editor-in-chief Emma Smith, staff writers Jayden Christine, Mason Thompson and Sophia Jacob.


Any information found on Certified Intel is for information and educational purposes only. Occasionally, Certified Intel content may contain links to third-party or other websites. These links are provided as a convenience for our readers.

Any and all reproduction, distribution, republication and/or retransmission of content on Certified Intel is prohibited unless given proper attribution by the parties engaging in the aforementioned activities. Proper attribution in this instance is defined as a link to the content being reproduced, distributed, republished and/or retransmitted.