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Category: Statistical Method in Educational Research

Statistical Method in Educational Research.   Unit 1: Introduction to Educational Statistics – concepts, branches and roles. Types of Variables and Educational Data, Implication of Data Types, Data Organization.
Unit 2: Measures of Central Tendency – Mode, Median, and Mode. Choice of Appropriate Measures of Central Tendency.
Unit 3: Measure of Variability And Research Applications.
Unit 4: Correlation Technique – Phi, Contingency, tetrachroric, Biserial, Point Biserial, Polyserial, Kendall’s Tau, Kendall’s Coefficient Of Concordance, Spearman Rank Order, Pearson Product Moment, Partial and Part Correlation, Multiple Regression, Coefficient of Determination, Shrinkage Effect.
TheUnit 5: Sampling Error, Standard Error, Sampling Distribution of the Mean, and other statistics, Central Limit Theorem, Normal Distribution, Area Under Normal Curve and Application.

Statistical Method in Educational Research

Unit 6: Statistical Estimation – inferential Reasoning , Point And Interval Estimation, Confidence Intervals.
Unit 7: Testing Hypothesis about the Mean, Proportion and Correlation Coefficient of one sample and two samples.
Here Unit 8: One-way Analysis of Variance(ANOVA) and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)
Now Unit 9: Post Hoc Multiple Comparison Procedures, Tukey HSD, Newman Keuls, Tukey-Kramer, Dunkan, Sheffe.
See Unit 10: Intro to Regression Analysis, Basic Concep, Simple Linear Regression Analysis.